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Electrochemistry Applications of Redox Review  Oxidation reduction reactions involve a transfer of electrons.  OIL- RIG  Oxidation Involves Loss  Reduction Involves Gain  LEO-GER  Lose Electrons Oxidation  Gain Electrons Reduction Solid lead(II) sulfide reacts with oxygen in the air at high temperatures to form lead(II) oxide and sulfur dioxide. Which substance is a reductant (reducing agent) and which is an oxidant (oxidizing agent)? A. PbS, reductant; O2, oxidant B. PbS, reductant; SO2, oxidant C. Pb2+, reductant; S2- oxidant D. PbS, reductant; no oxidant E. PbS, oxidant; SO2, reductant Applications  Moving electrons is electric current.  8H++MnO4-+ 5Fe+2 +5e Mn+2 + 5Fe+3 +4H2O  Helps to break the reactions into half reactions.  8H++MnO4-+5e-  Mn+2 +4H2O  5(Fe+2  Fe+3 + e- )  In the same mixture it happens without doing useful work, but if separate  Connected this way the reaction starts  Stops immediately because charge builds up. H+ MnO4- Fe+2 Galvanic Cell Salt Bridge allows current to flow H+ MnO4- Fe+2  Electricity travels in a complete circuit H+ MnO4- eFe+2 Instead of a salt bridge H+ MnO4- Porous Disk Fe+2 e- e- e- e- Anode e- Reducing Agent Cathode e- Oxidizing Agent Cell Potential  Oxidizing agent pulls the electron.  Reducing agent pushes the electron.  The push or pull (“driving force”) is called the cell potential Ecell  Also called the electromot ...
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