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MKT 230 week 7 CheckPoint Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies




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Week 7 Day 5
In order for a company to build and sustain lasting relationships with their
customers, it is necessary to create effective integrated marketing communication (IMC).
IMC is effective when marketers use promotion tools to accurately fulfill consumers’
needs. “Marketers who understand the power of IMC seek to unify all marketing
communication tools, from advertising to packaging, to send target audiences a
consistent, persuasive message that promotes company goals” (Solomon, Marshall, &
Stuart, 2008, p. 387).The development of an Integrated Marketing Plan is extremely
detailed and comprehensive. There are various steps that an organization must take in the
development of the plan.
The first step is meeting the client. During this particular phase the organization
that the marketing campaign about is understood to include its vision, values, and
After gaining an appreciation of the organizations, the next step in the process to
research the existing marketing environment. During this particular phase, the market
place is looked at for the different types of marketing strategies utilized in the particular
Once the different marketing strategies are understood, research of the
competition takes place. During this phase a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities,
and Threats) are investigated on the companies competition.
Finally the crucial issues facing the company are discovered. This phase consists
of understanding the products/services differentiation of over competing brands.
Given all your research and analysis, now is the time to develop the IMC plan for
your client.
Include in your plan:
branding recommendations (color, symbols, logo, name, etc.)
product and packaging recommendations (color, font, images, style, etc.)
pricing recommendations
distribution recommendations
advertising recommendations
public relations/sponsorship recommendations
sales force recommendations
sales promotion recommendations
direct marketing recommendations

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