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Effects of social media today




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Social media and its effects
Social media has become the new form of communication in the recent past. It is
estimated that most people spend nearly the best part of their time on the internet. The internet
has very many uses and social media seems to have the biggest share of it. People both young
and old are nowadays using social media to interact and communicate with friends and relatives
across the globe. Use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Skype has
reduced the cost of communicating with a very large margin unlike prior years (Bryfonski, 2012,
P.78). The evolution of social media has been quite dynamic and impactful to the lives of most
people in the world. With this in mind, the reliance on this means of communicating keeps on
increasing. The reliance on social media has had drastic effects both positive and negative in the
Social media has brought down the era of the ancient means of communication. Prior to
this era, communication was rather manual and involved a very rigorous process. People were
used to communicating through writing of letters which took so long to be delivered. Telegraphs
were also another old way of communicating which was time wasting and tedious. With this
experience, people have invented better, cheaper and faster ways of communicating in this

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century. Most social media sites are developed by people who have come with programed
systems to help people in different location to keep in touch with one another.
Social media have been used for various reasons by all and sundry around the world.
Some of the most obvious reasons include keeping in touch with family and friends, getting
updated on the current issues and affairs and sharing of information and ideas across the globe.
Apart from this, social media has been used as a platform of marketing businesses and doing
business via social sites where potential customers are found (Tuten, 2008, P.132). Advertising
and marketing have embraced the social media has a platform for doing business and meeting
potential buyers.
Through social media people have been able to share ideas and opinions from far and
wide. Facebook for instance is one of the most used social sites that many people use to interact
with other people in different parts of the world. Through such sites many people have been able
to meet and socialize with people they might never meet in their lifetime. Sharing of opinions
and ideas has been of great importance to people in changing many things around them. Twitter
also has the same use as Facebook; the only difference is that people use tweets. People get to
interact through tweets and direct messages to encourage each other as well as update one
another. These social sites have provided a lot of things all wrapped in one. They are also sources
of entertainment, news updates and many other social factors. Therefore social media brings
people together and lightens up most people social lives.
Teenagers are the most common users of social media around the world. They use it to
keep in touch and update themselves of the happening around the world and around them as
well. The fuss of being on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Skype is so much common with the

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young stars. Social sites provide a lot of information that teenagers find entertaining through
participating in live interactions. On the other hand, social media is a trend that every young
person wants to keep up with. The prestige of owning a Facebook or twitter account earns any
teenager some credit and the chance to fit in among their peer.
Social sites have also provided a platform for commercial purposes and reasons.
Entrepreneurs use social media to market their products and commodities to potential buyers.
Facebook for instance allows people to create a page that allows them to use it as an advertising
platform for their products (Tuten, 2008, P.232). Therefore these social sites have made
marketing of products easier and less expensive. People are able to search and find the type of
product they want to buy online through these social sites. Social media has really revolutionized
the way things used to be done in the yester years.
Social media have not however been embraced by everyone across the globe. People
have different and varying opinions about the effects of using social media. Some parents
associate social media with a lot of evil and many other negative impacts in their children's lives.
Most parents believe that over-reliance on internet use makes their children lazy and less active
(Noor and John, 2012, P. 87). This is true for the use of social sites can be addictive and many
teenagers end up spending most of their time online. If a teenager does not involve themselves in
an activity they tend to be lazy and less active. Another thing that worries most patients is the
content found on social sites. Most social media sites are not regulated and the content found on
these sites could be harmful to young people. Therefore there is a lot of concern about what
teenagers access to social media, a factor which worries most parents.

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Had to paraphrase some of the content but overall, really useful material.

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