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Conflict resolution class lectures_118115800-conflicts-in-organisations

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CONFLICTS IN ORGANISATIONS CONFLICT According to Robbins – Conflict is a process in which an effort is purposefully made by one person or unit to block another that results in frustrating the attainment of the other’s goals or furthering of own interests. EFFORTS PURPOSEFULLY MADE To block other Further your own interests /Achieve own goals Not letting other people attain their goal CONFLICT Individual Unit / Group EFFORTS MADE PURPOSEFULLY AGAINST OTHERS Don’t let others attain their goals Want to further your interests /achieve your goals THE EFFECT OF CONFLICT ON ORGANIZATION PERFORMANCE THE CONFLICT PROCESS Stage 1 Potential Opposition Stage 2 Cognition & Personalisation Stage 3 Behaviour INCREASED GROUP PERFORMANCE PERCEIVED CONFLICT ANTECEDENT CONDITIONS Communication Structure Personal variables OVERT CONFLICT FELT CONFLICT Stage 4 Outcomes DECREASED GROUP PERFORMANCE CONFLICT HANDLING STYLES Competition Collaboration Accommodation Avoidance Compromise SOURCES OF CONFLICT Goal incompatibility. Different values and beliefs. Task interdependence. Scarce resources. Ambiguity in rules and regulations. Communication problems in the organisation. Change in the Organisation. LEVELS OF TASK INTERDEPENDENCE Pooled, Sequential, Reciprocal RESOURCES 1. 2. Employee1 Employee1 (Output) Employee 2 I/P Employee 2 (Output) Employee 3 I/P Employee 3 Employee1 3 Employee 2 Employee 4 Employee 3 LEVELS/ TYPES OF CONFLICT There ar ...
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