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MGT 498 Week 3 DQ6




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Week 3 DQ6
How does your organization select generic and grand strategies?
The generic strategy used by Celgene is focus (aka market segmentation). The company’s grand
strategy is to deliver innovative and life-changing drugs for patients. In order to accomplish this
objective, the company is focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of
products for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases; thus, creating a very narrow
market segmentation. Currently, we are the only drug company able to provide products to
certain disease types for patients. The company is measured based on its ability to move along
new therapies from discovery to commercialization processes on an annual basis. Clinical trials,
FDA approval, and other performances are measured to determine whether or not we are
attaining our strategic initiatives. Our competitive advantage lies within our caliber of R&D
resources, our effectiveness of our products used in cancer treatment, and our drive to continue to
be innovative. Our grand strategy equates to providing drug to patients worldwide; this means
obtaining country approval for drug administration. This also means strategic alliances must be
formed with university-based scientists worldwide to continue the discovery process

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