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MGT 498 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Learning Team Reflection




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Competitive Advantages 1
Team C – Competitive Advantages
University of Phoenix

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Competitive Advantages 2
Competitive Advantages
A competitive advantage in the businesses field equates to one company obtaining a
strategic market advantage over another company within a particular market. Riordan
Manufacturing is a plastic manufacturing company, which uses competitive advantage to acquire
leadership in this market. Therefore, this paper will display the competitive advantages Riordan
has in common with Pharma-Safe Industrial Services; along with the strategies Riordan can use
to improve innovation and sustainability. In addition this paper will display the reason for
selecting particular competitive strategies, how it affects the sustainability of Riordan long-term,
and how the global market may affect Riordan’s business strategy.
Riordan Manufacturing, Incorporated is a leader in the industry of manufacturing
products by plastic injection molding. Some of the reasons for this status are the attention to
detail and quality control that Riordan sets forth. Riordan also creates innovative designs with
extreme precision to meet a vast array of customer needs. Working hand-in-hand to design a
product both innovative and exclusive to the customer is a competitive advantage, which Riordan
shares with Pharma-Safe Industrial Services. Each company works with the customer to design a
product to meet the needs of the customer in a way that most others would not (University of
Phoenix, 2004).
Another competitive advantage both businesses share is the attention to detail and high
quality of the products each produces. According to Wheelen and Hunger (2010), organizations
can obtain a competitive advantage by training employees as well as informing everyone within
the organization of set goals or objectives. In connection, both companies inform, support, and
help employees focus on the long-term plans of the company.

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Competitive Advantages 3
An advantage exclusive to Riordan is the number of products it offers in contrast to the
limited offerings of Pharma-Safe Industrial Services. Comparing competitive advantages to
another company also shows Riordan is similar to Sam’s Southern Eatery because both provide
extra value to the customer by delivering high quality products. Furthermore, both companies
have similar experiences of relatively rapid growth, which allows the companies to buy resources
at a lower cost, keep production costs low, and sales prices comparable to other producers
despite the higher quality (University of Phoenix, 2004).
Competitive Strategies
Riordan Manufacturing can use the low-cost strategy to sustain business by streamlining
the production, maintaining the supply chain, manufacturing, financial reporting, and marketing
systems. In connection, Riordan uses one or more of these processes in its existing plan. Riordan
should also make use of the research and development department to create low-cost solutions in
designing products for the needs of specific customers. Another competitive strategy the
company can use is the differentiation strategy. The differentiation strategy will only enhance
Riordan’s reputation because consumers know he or she can expect the company to manufacturer
high quality products (Wheelen & Hunger, 2010).
Sustainability of Long-Term Organizational Performance
Riordan uses low-cost strategy to make the company more efficient and less wasteful. In
each of the aforementioned areas, the company can make cutbacks on procedures and maintain
the same results. In the manufacturing side of the business the organization can move parts and
other essential tools closer to the work area and organize steps or procedures. Additionally, the
company should automate the supply chain to help replenish supplies regularly. The research and
development department is the leader in new trends, which means the department is constantly

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