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MGT 498 Week 4 DQ2




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Week 5 Summary
One concept that I learned what the idea of sustainability. Prior to learning the business
definition I believed that it had to deal with environmental ideas only. I now see the big picture
and the importance of developing a business that will have long term success. That being said
environmental sustainability still plays a large role in strategic management. I was interested in
learning how the effects of climate change will have a big effect on business as well.
Another concept that I really enjoyed was the idea that decision makers should hold an ethical
and social responsibility when deciding what choices to make in business meetings. It is hard for
me to truly believe that the CEO of a mult-million dollar company is thinking about how the
toy that is being made by underage workers for less than minimum wage is socially irresponsible
and they should make an educated decision rather than making a profit.
The third concept that kept my interest was the section on value chain analysis. This especially
interested me because I work in a job that is involved with raw materials, primary manufacturing
and fabrication. There are many layers to creating a successful business model in the store that I
manage. Although our store is involved in upstream and downstream parts of the value chain, I
now see that the center of gravity is in the fabrication area. I say this because that is what we are
known for and it is also the area that generates the largest amount of profit.
I take away a wealth of new knowledge that I hope will make be a better lower level manager.
By instituting some of the ideas of strategic [planning and management I also hope that someday
I can become a decision maker in my company. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and wish everone
the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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