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1 SAP-ABAP ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP): ERP is a package which provides solution for departmental functionalities of an organization. SAP       ADVANTAGES: SAP can support any database at the back end. Platform independent. Supports multiple languages. Faster b/w networks. Can support any database in the backend. Transaction failure is very less comparing 2 other erp packages (0.03%). SAP           life cycle implementation. Package evaluation. Project planning and designing. Proto type. Gap analysis. Business process re-engineering. s/w installation and testing. End user training. Application transportation. Go live. Support and maintenance. SAP    landscape: Development server (functional). Quality server( testing). Production server (end-user uses the system). Role      of ABAPer: Screen creation. Table creation. Data migration. Reporting. Redirecting SAP data from d-base to o/p devices.(scripts & forms). R/3 – real time data processing. ABAP/4 – advanced business application programming. If a language provides a d-base by default is called 4 th generation language. 2 R/3 ARCHITECTURE COMPONENTS: 1. DISPATCHER - This component acts as an interface between the PL and AS. It receives user's request from PL and allocates a work area for each request from the user. 2. WORK PROCESS - This component allocates memory area for each request received from dispatcher on a roll-in and roll-ou ...
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