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1. In 1986, the organized crime task force noted that _______ was
the most lucrative crime in the United
A. extortion
B. gambling
C. loansharking
D. drug trafficking
2. When an organized crime group is made up of individuals who shift alliances
according to the skills they
possess to carry out their crimes, the organization is said to be a/an
A. hierarchical conglomerate.
B. core criminal group.
C. rigid hierarchy.
D. organized criminal network.
3. What distinguishes the 1986 commission investigation of organized crime
from the 1967 task force

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A. It relied heavily on Joseph Valachi's "insider" testimony.
B. It concluded that organized crime is a society.
C. It focused on much more than just Italian-American organized crime.
D. It concluded that the Mafia had changed its name to La Cosa Nostra.
4. Who was captured and convicted after an examination of his net worth?
A. Al Capone
B. Joseph Albini
C. Joseph Valachi
D. George Conway
5. The two U.S. presidents who formed task forces to focus on organized crime
were _______ and
A. Herbert Hoover; Theodore Roosevelt
B. Ronald Reagan; Lyndon B. Johnson
C. Richard Nixon; Jimmy Carter

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D. John F. Kennedy; Dwight D. Eisenhower
6. When the planning and execution of a crime involve more than one country,
_______ crime is taking
A. intranational
B. intergovernmental
C. transactional
D. transnational
7. U.S. officials admit that they're able to identify only _______ percent of the
vessels carrying illegal
A. 5
B. 20
C. 10
D. 15

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