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Foundation of Curriculum Exam 405560RR


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1. B. They're really one synchronous process.
2. D. Taking notes with whole, complete sentences because these will serve as her report
3. A. basic trust
4. C. The work is hard, and the pay is low with few or no benefits
5. D. Emphasizing the whole child
6. D. Scenario 2
7. B. make more of his own decisions about how to spend his time than Misha will.
8. D. The bead stringing area
9. D. The home cultures of the children, the providers, and the early childhood culture of the provider
10. D. Continuity
11. C. Doing so would hamper the child's development of motor skills
12. B. The space where the class aquarium is located
13. A. Finding out the state regulations and licensing standards
14. C. He'll express a willingness to use the toilet.
15. D. Such a process allows adults to understand children's internal motivation for completing
16. C. grasp an object with the forefinger and thumb.
17. D. Infants
18. A. Arrange objects into categories and name the categories
19. C. transitions
20. A. Child can stack 10 blocks.
21. C. His provider varies his routines so that he can't predict upcoming transitions.
22. A. right
23. A. Walking backward
24. A. Use the time to offer music activities, movement activities, cognitive games, storytelling, and
reading out loud
25. C. Mobility dimension
26. B. Young children in day care centers must be fed while sitting in highchairs.
27. B. Anecdotal records
28. D. When children are able to write, they should be encouraged to contribute to their journals.
29. B. be pushy in asserting his independence.
30. B. Mr. Carlos helps one-year-old Chrissy make a transition at arrival time

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