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Business Plan
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Business Plan
The business plan I chose to write about is Salvador's Sauces, while this resembles other
types of salsa ventures it holds a new value that might be able to keep it in front of the
competition. With a bold take on the ever growing food processing market this company stands
by its saying, “Authentic Hispanic Foods” (Business Plan Pro, 1999, p. 1). With a small variety
of products to market, this ever growing company shows backbone in the fast paced world of the
food market by creating a plan to expand on their inventory of products.
This company has a great opportunity to excel in the Hispanic food industry. With a
growing populace rate of 22 percent a year (Business Plan Pro, 1999, p. 4) the Hispanic culture
is going to need a supplier of authentic Hispanic foods, making this a great time to open this
business. Also with the owners being of Hispanic descent they have an opportunity to create a
large line of food products targeted especially for the Hispanic people. While dealing with their
over head costs they have a great leap on most large companies. Dealing with no employees and
working for a small salary, the two owners have reduced all employee costs. This might sound
absurd but with the company recently opening all savings on cost are needed. As for advertising
costs, the two owners take their product to local food fairs and festivals which increases
customer awareness and allows for some demand of the product at the same time. (Business Plan
Pro, p. 4).
So after talking about the opportunities this company has we might as well see the
strengths they are showing to grow in this demanding economy. With the help of their financial
advisors board, they are receiving valuable information on how and what to do with the smallest
risks financially. This, of course, is not to mention that both Pat and Ricardo bring 18 years of
experience in both managing a business and finical control. Also while they are targeting the

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I was on a very tight deadline but thanks to Studypool I was able to deliver my assignment on time.

I did not know how to approach this question, Studypool helped me a lot.

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