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MGT330 Final Exam4




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1) The key management functions include:
A. Planning, operations, labor, and contracting
B. Planning, leading, controlling, and organizing
C. Marketing, finance, accounting, and production
D. Hiring, training, appraising, and firing
2) Building a dynamic organization is another way of describing which function of
A. Leading
B. Planning
C. Organizing
D. Controlling
3. The moral principles and standards that guide behavior in the world of business are called:
A. Business principles
B. Business ethics
C. Business development
D. Business philosophy
4. _______________ involves analyzing a situation, determining goals to be pursued, and
deciding upon the actions that will be taken to achieve these goals.
A. Organizing
B. Staffing
C. Leading
D. Planning
5. The macroenvironment includes all of the following EXCEPT:
A. International developments
B. Technology
C. Government policies
D. New entrants
6. Robert was recently hired as the workplace safety compliance officer at ABC Power Company.
Robert will have the responsibility to monitor regulations from which of these government
A. Federal Communications Commission
B. National Labor Relations Board
C. Environmental Protection Agency
D. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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7) Specific government organizations in a firm's immediate task environment are called
A. substitutes
B. regulators
C. new entrants
D. economic indicators
8. A clear advantage of the product form of departmentalization is that task responsibilities are
A. True
B. False
9. The first step in effective delegation is selecting the person to whom you will delegate.
A. True
B. False
10) The targets or ends the manager wants to reach are called:
A. Goals
B. Mission statement
C. Plans
D. Vision
11) Which is the first step in the formal planning process?
A. Goal and plan evaluation
B. Monitor and control
C. Situational analysis
D. Implementation
12) The outcome of situational analysis is:
A. The identification of alternative plans of action
B. The identification of planning assumptions, issues, and problems
C. The identification of contingency plans to be followed under various scenarios
D. The identification of the consequences of alternatives under consideration
13) A plan designed to achieve a set of goals that are not likely to be repeated in the future is a:
A. Standing plan
B. Strategy
C. Single-use plan
D. Mission statement
14) A plan to integrate new employees into a new system of payroll is an example of which type
of plan? Assume that you anticipate making this change only once.
A. Standing plan

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B. Implementation plan
C. Single-use plan
D. On-site plan
15) _____________ plans might be referred to as "what-if" plans.
A. Single-use
B. Contingency
C. Strategic
D. Standing
16) Honesty, caring, loyalty, fairness, and integrity are all examples of:
A. Citizenship
B. Self-focus
C. Values
D. Ethics
17) Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding employee behavior?
When corporations behave badly, it is usually not the problem of top executives or rank-and-
file employees.
B. There is no evidence that corporations ever behave badly .
C. When corporations behave badly, rank-and-file employees suffer most.
D. When corporations behave badly, only the top executives suffer.
18) The moral principles and standards that guide behavior in the world of business are:
A. Business philosophy
B. Business ethics
C. Business development
D. Business principles
19) The assignment of additional responsibilities to a subordinate is referred to as:
A. Pandering
B. Delegation
C. Centralization
D. Span of control
20) Human resources planning has three stages. They are:
A. Hiring, training, and firing
B. Recruiting, screening, and hiring
C. Planning, programming, and evaluating
D. Planning, executing, and delivering

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