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Evaluating Performance 1
Evaluating Performance through Motivation and Conflict Management
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University of Phoenix

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Evaluating Performance 2
Managing organizations is not an easy task. The management has to strive constantly to keep the
employees motivated, maintain performance standards, resolve issues incase of conflict arising.
The paper will discuss different approaches of conflict management and also motivational
theories. Managers can develop best combinations from the available strategies that best suit
their organizational structure and culture. The example of importance of incorporation of these
theories and strategies can better be understood by the performing arts. Actors perform various
roles in theatrical plays. Most of these roles are not at all compatible to their individual
personalities but they have to adapt the characteristics of the role they are performing. To be
someone while your actual self is different is pretty cumbersome job. This is why some are very
good actors and some are mediocre. Actors need to get inspired enough to transform into the
character and fulfill roles demand. The side roles and lead roles all provide to motivate each
other by focusing on emotional responses. Director is helping the actor to perform well by
bringing out the conflict and making him inspired to do it. Likewise a manager is responsible to
resolve employee conflicts and keep them motivated to achieve the common goal.
Motivational Theories
The few motivational theories that help organizations by increasing productivity, levels of
employee’s job satisfaction, profits and revenues, performance standards and conflict
management are mentioned as below.
cognitive evaluation theory
goal-setting theory

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Evaluating Performance 3
self-efficacy theory
reinforcement theory
equity theory
expectancy theory
Organizations develop combinations of these strategies as best suited to their culture. The major
utilized theories are goal setting theory and expectancy theory. The expectancy theory in itself
has a combo of goal-setting theory and reinforcement theory. It entails that employee strive for
good performance as good performance is associated with incentives and acknowledgments.
These acknowledgements help an individual to fulfill his growth needs and help him attain his
personal objectives.
To bring out the inherent motivation of individuals is very important for managers and in turn
organizations. They should build a workplace environment that employee can associate pleasure
with work, feels happy coming to work and can work under pressures. As best put by Accel
Team Development “There is an old saying you can take a horse to the water but you cannot
force it to drink; it will drink only if it’s thirsty – so with people.” So management has to
devise methods that would inspire their employees towards better performance; such as monetary
benefits, formal and informal appreciations and a workplace environment that follows “open
door policy”. Employees are free to voice their apprehensions to their higher management in
confidentiality. the field of nursing provides best example as unlike doctors who generally are
specialized in one filed nurses provide their services in all departments whether be it in
operations theaters, delivery rooms, wards etc. the experience of working in different areas help
them in gaining good experience about pressure times e.g. in operation theatres or the happy

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