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MGT307 Wk 1 DQs




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Week 1 DQ #1
How can an organization be termed as a living thing?
Organization is identical to an organism. Organism is made up of functional units and workers incase of
organization, these units make groups that are linked to perform specific tasks and functional departments
incase of organization. Departments are similar in function to organization as organs are to a body. Hence
an organization comprises interrelated functional groups to sustain growth as homeostasis does for an
Define organizational behavior?
Organizational behavior is the examining of individuals, teams and departments within an organization,
reviewing their performance and employing new practices for enhanced performance. It entails the
performance of the employees and how is employee activities related to the organizational performance.
Give reasons how comprehension of organizational behavior is significant?
The comprehension of organizational behavior holds significance for the reasons as it can bring positive
change within organization with introduction of new and improved practices. People are always involved
with organizations at different phases of life i.e. schools sports churches etc. OB helps in to better
comprehend these co relationships, self judgment, leadership, research, decision making and team work.
DQ #2
Does an individual hold any affect over the organization?
Considering the individuals as a functional group of organization they hold vital importance. The
performance of the individual, task completion on time, dedication towards the work and motivation
levels of the individual all have an impact over the organization and in turn its performance. If an
individual is satisfied with his job and workplace then it would count for the success of the organization.
Does an organization hold any impact over the individuals?
Organizations do impact over an individual by giving a sense of identity and belongingness. This will
make them feel worthy. Organization plays an important role in the personal development of the
individuals. Furthermore it gives them the monetary benefits in terms of salaries that are essential for
them to lead and maintain a lifestyle.
How is your organization distinctive from the other organizations?
My organization is distinct from other business organizations as it is a home based organization. I work
for a medical transcription company. Employees work from home, head office of the company is located
in New Jersey while employees are working from different cities of the US. Most of the employees
haven’t seen each other or the main office but they daily correspond to each other and perform job via

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emails, text or instant messaging and web conferencing. This way my organization is not only distinct to
all other normal business organizations but challenging indeed from the rest.
Define organizational culture.
Organizational culture entails the values, approaches and anticipations of an organization that direct it in
its daily operations and communication. Organizational culture is developed and formulated by the upper
management and followed by all the employees of the organization. Positive organizational culture acts
like a competitive edge for the organization. Whereas coercion at workplace is negative organizational

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