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1.Prescott is an old hand in the print shop. He insists that there’s only one
dependable kind of process for printing and three color brochure. By contrast,
Baldwin recognizes several dierent approaches to the three color print through
the use of new digital technologies. Psychologist would say that Prescott’s point
of view is limited by his
1. observant perfectionism
2. fundamental !xation
3. mental laziness
4. mental set
2.I’m having some trouble recalling what I’ve previously learned about the battle
of Gettysburg because I just read a new book oering new information on Civil
War battle. That sort of phenomenon is referred to as _____interference.
A. Distractive
B. Retroactive
C. Proactive
D. Passive
3. professor dore maintains that language development through the interplay of
genetically determine the factors and environmental in/uences that shaped how
the language is learned. Professor Dore supports

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A. Nativist approach to language development
B. linguistic - relativity hypothesis
C. interaction approach to language development
D.learning theory approach to language development
4. after taking the drug, Rupert reported vivid hallucinations, altered perception
of sound and color, and distorted time perception. It’s most likely that the drug
Rupert took was
A. Marijuana
B. Cocaine
5. responding to stimuli that are similar but not identical to a conditioned
stimulus is called
A. Respondent reinforcement
B. Spontaneous recovery
C. Stimulus discrimination
D. Stimulus generalization

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6.which of the following statements regarding hypnosis is the best response?
A. People who are most susceptible to hypnosis are unable to concentrate on
anything for very long
B. In general, today’s researchers have concluded that hypnosis is distinct from
ordinary waking consciousness
C. All people are susceptible to hypnosis
D. Not all psychologists feel that hypnosis is a distinct altered state of
7. during the____ days of problem-solving, and means – ends analysis is very
common heuristic.
A. Judgment
B. Preparation
C. Algorithm
D. Productions
8. there is evidence that sudden infant death syndrome is related to

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