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1. How did the new amusement parks differ from earlier public entertainments?
Amusement parks were located in urban rather than rural settings.
No longer was commercial success enough; now progressive reform values had to be advanced.
Earlier parks and fairs provided no opportunities for shows or rides.
No longer was there an obligation to instruct as well as amuse.
The Nineteenth Amendment granting women the right to vote was embraced by many progressives

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a large majority of American voters now favored it.
it could offset growing jingoism and militarism, especially once World War I began.
the women agitating for it moderated the radicalism of their campaign.
the higher moral character of women would help clean up politics.
What is the best statement of the relationship between progressives and business?
Progressives agreed on the need to control big business by breaking up "the trusts."
Businessmen organized and funded political opposition to progressive political leaders.
When progressives gained political power, they eliminated the influence of the businessman and the
Business and progressive leaders shared a commitment to progress through efficiency and modern
managerial techniques.

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4. Which of the following did NOT occur during the Wilson administration?
creation of the Federal Trade Commission
passage of the Clayton Antitrust Act
passage of the Pure Food and Drug and Meat-Packing Acts
creation of the Federal Reserve System
5. Pragmatism holds that

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