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1. The left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex is more specialized in language
functions and processing
information sequentially. The right hemisphere tends to specialize in spatial
perception and distinguishing
patterns. These are examples of cortex
A. evolution.
B. neuroplasticity.
C. adaptation.
D. lateralization.
2. Dr. Jones is interested in how human behavior may be genetically inherited
from remote ancestors, such
as chimpanzees. Her field of interest is
A. behavioral genetics.
B. clinical neuropsychology.
C. chemical psychobiology.
D. evolutionary psychology.
3. Dr. Lombard's research is focused on the capacity of the human mind to
store and retrieve information.
Her colleague, Dr. Fry, is a clinician who strives to help his clients be "the best
that they can be." As a fly
on the wall listening to the two psychologists' friendly disputes during coffee
breaks, which of these
assertions would you most likely expect from Dr. Fry?
A. If biology is destiny the concept of free will can be only an illusion.
B. A person's basic assumptions about themselves are inevitably false.
C. People can't be held responsible for their life choices.
D. Mental confusion is best compared to a deficiency in short-term memory.

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4. Which of these statements most accurately characterizes linear perspective?
A. Through experience, we determine that changes in images focused on the
retina occur as a result of the motion of our bodies.
B. We learn to compensate for the monocular disparity between the retinal
images of the left and right eye.
C. As we view a landscape, the relative sizes of objects are revealed by texture
gradient cues.
D. Having learned that distant objects tend to be closer together, we interpret a
two-dimensional image on the retina in three
5. I study a sample of 100 high school students and find that student IQ scores
increase significantly as the
level of reported parental income increases. I can conclude from this that
A. there's a positive correlation between parental income and children's IQ
B. there's a negative relationship between parental income and children's IQ
C. higher parental income causes an increase in children's IQ scores.
D. students get smarter when their parents earn more money.
6. You could locate receptor sites involved in transmitting a nerve impulse by
finding the
A. endorphins.
B. neural regulators.
C. synapse.
D. myelin.

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7. In the ear, the basilar membrane and hair cells are found in the
A. anvil and stirrup.
B. oval window.
C. auditory nerve.
D. cochlea.
8. In his research, Dr. Caulfield wants to compare levels of test anxiety among
high school students in
grades 10 and 12. His hypothesis is that seniors will have higher levels of test
anxiety than sophomores will.
His _______ definition of test anxiety for each person in his sample will be a
self-reported test-anxiety
level, marked in a questionnaire as "high," "moderate," or "low."
A. theoretical
B. subjective
C. functional
D. operational
9. Which of the following statements regarding depth perception is true?
A. Texture gradient is a monocular cue.
B. Experience teaches us to perceive relative size as an indicator of the color of
an object.
C. The change in position of an object relative to the retina is a binocular cue.
D. Motion parallax is detected because we perceive binocular disparity.

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