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Question 1 of 20
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__________ consumes more appellate judge time than any other appellate
A. Oral argument
B. Conferences
C. Ruling on motions
D. Writing opinions
Question 2 of 20
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The first step in the appeal process is filing a/an:
A. pro hac vice.
B. appeal writ.
C. petition to vacate.
D. notice of appeal.
Question 3 of 20
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The practice of state courts using state constitutions to reinvigorate rights and
make policy is called the new judicial:
A. federalism.
B. activism.
C. policy making.
D. usurpation.

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Question 4 of 20
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The party who lost in the lower court and files the appeal is called the petitioner
A. respondent.
B. appellee.
C. appellant.
D. guardian.
Question 5 of 20
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The situation where a case is heard by all the judges on the appellate court is
called a/an __________ hearing.
A. de facto
B. corpus delicti
C. mandamus
D. en banc
Question 6 of 20
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The written legal arguments filed with the appellate court are called:
A. notices.
B. action documents.
C. briefs.
D. contentions.

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Question 7 of 20
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A court that must hear an appeal has __________ appellate jurisdiction of that
A. compulsory
B. contingent
C. mandatory
D. presumptive
Question 8 of 20
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On the criminal side, lower courts do not have jurisdiction over which one of the
following types of trials?
A. Felonies
B. Traffic violations
C. Ordinance violation
D. Misdemeanors
Question 9 of 20
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An appeal that takes the form of a totally new trial is called an appeal by:
A. a successive venire.
B. trial de novo.
C. petit jury.
D. certiorari.

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