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1. The purpose of the Boolean search connector OR is to
A. narrow a search by adding another concept.
B. search several different databases simultaneously.
C. broaden a search by including synonyms or related terms.
D. restrict a search by excluding results that include a particular term.
2. When using the Internet as an information source, you should remember that
A. you must evaluate websites for accuracy, authority, and objectivity.
B. Internet sources are generally objective in nature.
C. scholarly sources have a domain name ending in .sch.
D. most government websites charge for their services.
3. Government documents in a library are classified according to which of the
following systems?
A. Superintendent of Documents
B. Library of Congress
C. Dewey Decimal
D. Government Printing Office
4. To avoid plagiarism in your written research paper, you must provide a
citation for which of the
A. Former President John F. Kennedy's birthday
B. The date the Berlin Wall was pulled down by a crowd in Germany
C. Statistics about Web usage you found in the Journal of Computer Science
D. The United Nations ruling on the Soviet-bloc countries
5. The reason for including references in a research paper is to
A. prove that you didn't conduct your research on the Internet.
B. reduce the risk of false conclusions.
C. meet the requirements of most writing assignments.
D. give credit to the authors of your sources.
6. Scholarly journals differ from magazines in that they're
A. published periodically.
B. available by subscription.
C. sources of academic research not intended for the general public.
D. printed with volume numbers.
7. Study the following citation: "LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC PARK: Making the
most of London's
landmarks." Building Design 27 July 2012: 19. Penn Foster. Web. 2 Aug. 2012.
What is the title of the
journal in which the article is published?
A. Building Design
B. Penn Foster

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D. Making the most of London's landmarks
8. Which one of the following keyword searches should retrieve the most results
in an online database?
A. Beta
B. Beta OR blockers
C. Beta NOT blockers
D. Beta AND blockers
9. In the address, what part of the address is the
second-level domain name?
A. http
B. .gov
C. whitehouse
10. Which Boolean operator limits your search so that each term you input must
be in the same document?
11. How many primary classes are in the Dewey Decimal System?
A. 25
B. 21
C. 10
D. 15
12. Suppose you're looking in section J in the Library of Congress Classification
System, what type of
books would you be looking for?
A. History
B. Political science
C. Geography
D. Law
13. To search for a specific phrase on the Internet, what command should you
A. Quotation marks
C. Plus sign
D. Minus sign
14. What type of citation would you use for an English paper?

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C. Chicago
15. Which one of the following descriptive terms best describes the word
A. complicated
B. Accurate
C. Illegal
D. Time-consuming
16. The broadest type of search, which looks for your terms anywhere, is a/an
_______ search.
A. author
B. subject
C. title
D. keyword
17. Which one of the following items is an example of a secondary source?
A. Newspaper
B. Diary
C. Letter
D. Interview
18. A collection of information that can be used as a research tool is a/an
A. catalog.
B. reference collection.
C. index.
D. database.
19. What type of publication is attractively presented and heavily illustrated,
typically with photographs?
A. Trade publications
B. Scholarly journals
C. General interest magazines
D. Professional journals
20. Suppose you're searching in the library catalog to find information about
teenage girls who abuse
alcohol. Which one of the following search statements would be most precise?
A. (teenage girls) AND alcohol OR abuse
B. (teenage girls) NOT (alcohol abuse)
C. (teenage girls) OR (alcohol abuse)
D. (teenage girls) AND (alcohol abuse)

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