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MGT307 Wk 3 DISC Assessment




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Term of reference:
This paper will include the individual’s behavior and personality characteristics as found during
the assessment. Also it would be followed by the response of the individual at the credibility of
Profile assessment
Below mentioned are traits and behavior dimensions of my profile as been evaluated.
Behavior dimensions:
The break down of behavior dimensions as listed in the profile of individuals
is skillful and strive to achieve targets
believes in winning
evaluate people’s capabilities the way they perform
perform best under stressful conditions or incentive is high
likes to share goals and work of people
remains concerned for personal outlook
Becomes agitated and ill tempered under pressures times and can blow up on others
under such situations.
Behavioral style
The behavioral style of the individual can be categorized as Interactive Style. Some salient
features are mentioned below.
is people oriented and works promptly
decides and acts with the spur of moment
detest being a loner
possess habit of oversimplifying and overstating
gets inspired and let others get inspired with of their dreams
keep hoping and skipping among tasks
enthusiast and works well in teams
value appreciation and respect
possess good communication skills
Assessment also has strengths and weaknesses enlisted as of individual.breif account is as under:
Character Strengths
positive and buoyant
keen and passionate
Character Weaknesses:

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disordered and muddled
inadequate follow up
Individual’s response to assessment:
Below is the concise account of why individual agrees or doesn’t agree with the presented
As the focus of assessment I found it partially true to my personality traits and other things mentioned
doesn’t hold true for me. I concur with the mentioned strengths like I am keen passionate and a positive
person.freinds and colleagues always relate positive behavior under all situations with me. However I
differ with the mentioned weaknesses as I am not a person with inadequate follow up though sometimes I
might put off or adjourn with some tasks which are different to a follow up. Similarly the behavior
dimensions also don’t match my character. I might get agitated but I am definitely not ill tempered and
don’t blow up under pressure times. I agree to behavioral style mentioned in the assessment except for the
point where it says I like to work in teams and with people. I am an overactive person and usually like to
work on my own with fear on creating hindrance for people with my activeness. Working within team it
might affect the overall performance of the team. I do not usually hop from one task to the other but my
activeness enables me to do so which can be frustrating for people if working within a team. I would like
to work upon my habits of putting off tasks and this quickness which results in leaping from task to task. I
would definitely try to work on my habit of getting worn off things quickly which actually results in my
agitation building.

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