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MGT307 Wk 3 DISC Platinum Rule Assessment Team A Paper.




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DISC Platinum Rule Assessment 1
MGT/307 – DISC Platinum Rule Assessment
Learning Team A
University of Phoenix

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DISC Platinum Rule Assessment 2
Research synopsis:
The study focuses on different behavioral styles and sub categories of styles in the individual
members of team A. the results were generated from the DISC Platinum Assessment test. In
order to make a successful team it is essential to understand the behavior traits and attitudes of
the individuals how they work and react under specific situations. So as to, minimize the
differences of opinions and enhance productivity. All members and their work attitude work in
synergy towards attainment of a task.assesment of each behavior will help in understanding of
various behaviors. The behavioral assessment also facilitates to make necessary amendments so
as to better align efforts of members as a group and not as individuals working separately.
Behavioral styles:
Below will be discussed the each behavioral styles as exhibited among different members.
1. Team Member: Kristy
Behavioral Style: Interactive
Sub style: the Impresser (Ic)
The Interactive Style characterizes as friendly, alluring, convincing, and kind. As per the DISC
Platinum Rule Self Assessment Kristy possess an Interactive Style (the Impresser). This
combination suggests she is less straightforward and less frank as compare to the people
exhibiting interactive styles. Her sub style is impresser which makes the people belonging from
this category to be captivating and influential at other people. Impressers don’t adopt short cuts
as to them its equal to deceit and dishonesty. These people possess capabilities to win through
finesse. Being kind at heart they are always considerate about the emotions of others. People of

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DISC Platinum Rule Assessment 3
this style are people oriented and work swiftly and promptly towards their work completion.
Delaying or putting off work by other team members might result to agitate them. Their
character strengths include being convincing and encouraging while their weakness include
engaging in numerous tasks at a time. To strike a balance for coming projects they should
analyze more, work on task single-mindedly, manage time and adopt rational approach. (Geier,
Blanchard Assessments)
2. Team Member: Jennifer
Behavioral Style: Steadiness
Sub Style: the Relater (Ss)
The Steadiness Style characterizes as productive, hard-working and in control position for a task.
As per The DISC Platinum Rule Self Assessment Jennifer possess Steadiness style (The
Relater).people belonging to this style divide the intricate tasks into small doable and achievable
tasks to share with team. The tasks should be then assessed periodically for appropriate
performance exhibition by all parts. Such people are focused on achievement of short term
tangible goals that can result in acknowledgment and incentives. Under stressful situations they
act inflexible and restrained. They are steady; detail oriented, rational thinkers and keep record of
all steps of the tasks. Their character strengths include trustworthiness, good listeners and have
good follow up skills. Their weaknesses include them to be slow initiators, emotionaly
vulnerable and weak at setting objectives. (Geier, Blanchard Assessments)
3. Team Member: Mervin
Behavioral Style: Dominance
Sub Style: the Producer (Ds)
This Dominance Style characterizes to strive to attain extensive and distinguished goals. As per

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