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MGT307 Wk 3 DQs.




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Week 3 DQ 1
How can Learning Team enhance its productivity? Explain impact of storming in the
process of group development.
Productivity enhancement:
The productivity of the Learning Team will increase when team members cooperate and make
collective efforts. The outcomes are greater when people are working in teams and putting efforts
in individual capacity towards overall teams’ goal then efforts that are not individual
coordinated. People within a team brainstorm; come up with new creative ideas and methods for
improving work functionality and processes. For instance, Merrill Lynch’s company was having
issues with time taken in opening a new cash management account. He created a team with task
to reduce the numbers of days it took to the process. Team proposed to reduce the number of
steps involved in the process from 46-36.the result was average days reduced from 15 to 8 with
this proposition.
Storming stage:
Members within a team possess different behavioral styles which entails different behaviors and
attitudes at the workplace by each of them. when they are working on a project as a team chances
are there that opinions differ in number of matters such as prioritizing of objectives, delegating
authority and major issues being faced. This results in a lot of disagreements, clashes or perhaps
quarrels. Members are difficult to handle during this tension among each other. If variances
become critical and are not settled on time then some teammates might want to leave the team
resulting in breakup of the team. Once these disagreements are settled the storming stage of
development stage concludes.
Week 3 DQ 2
a) Mention benefits and detriments of group decision making?
b) Mention the most significant phase of decision making and how is it significant?
c) Confer if decision making should be made a participative task or not? give
a) The benefits and detriments of group decision making are as under:
Group decision making help in generation of various new ides and propositions which
would result in improved processes and performance.
When people are involved in the process their loyalty and dedication towards work

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Due to involvement of large number of people the decision making process would be
time consuming. As people have variances of ideas and reaching a consensus of opinion
would take more time.
If difference of opinions on the credibility and reliability of decision making process are
not settled then groups can also break.
b) significant phase of decision making
The second step if decision making i.e. creating substitutes or increasing options would be the
most significant. The research helps in generating different options, analyzing each option from
all aspects and reaching for the best among all. If you don’t have enough options to ponder upon
then there is no use of decision making process whereas creating substitutes enables a team to
analyze all options and then choose the most suitable among them
c) Decision making as participative:
Yes the decision making process should be a participative efforts and everyone should be given
chance to voice their opinions and ideas. This way, employees would be more comfortable
adopting the decisions made as they were inclusive of the effort. On the other hand employees
would reach upon a compromise while settling on an option and not everyone could be made
happy. But as there was equal participation of all they would settle for a compromise or

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