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MGT 216 Week 3 Discussion Question 1




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You are a division manager at Austen Pharmaceuticals. You directly supervise 50
employees, all of who is average or above average employees. Many individuals on your
team have been with the company for several years. Several recent hires, mostly women
and minority employees, were hired to remedy the lack of diversity in the workplace.
Due to financial difficulties within the company, each division manager has received
instructions to decrease their employee count by 15 %. Explain the process you would
use to make this decision. How will you morally justify your decision?
I would introduce a new policy into my division that minors under the age of 18 will
not be allowed to work with the company because of certain regulatory norms we have been
following in our corporate governance.
The recent hires out which many would have been on the probation period or on
training basis we would suggest them to work as a freelancer on commission basis or by simply
conveying them that there performance couldn’t match the standards the company was expecting
in the probation period & so in that case we ask them to look for another job.
I will set higher targets to achieve & will deliver a pre-specified guideline that one who
doesn’t achieve these targets will not be able to continue working for us, in that case many
average employee performers will have to leave their job & we will have a valid reason to
support their layoff.
In case of women employees we will revive certain privileges which we were giving
them before like we will stop offering free pick & drop facility to women employees which
would force some of them to leave the job because they mite staying far from the office
All the above decision would justify the layoff decision morally & the employees
would not think that they have been fired its just they would think that them themselves couldn’t
meet high standards of the division which would in-turn develop good reputation of the

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