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MGT 488 Week 3-DQ1




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What are the key elements of a strategic business continuity plan?
Creating a strategic business continuity plan entails evaluating possible risks. Some key elements
include a contingency plan that details employees, data, and equipment that may be effected in
the event a disaster occurs. Employees, data, and equipment are essential to the company’s
operation and planning for their protection is important.
How might these elements vary for different types of industries?
Different types of industries may need to maintain different elements to guarantee they continue
to operate in the event a disaster occurs. An organization must assess and establish vital
operating functions and prepare to use these functions to ensure the business can operate during
How do these elements compare to what you know about your particular
A contingency plan is essential in the delivery industry. Disasters can occur daily with the
likelihood of accidents and poor weather. Therefore, reserve delivery vehicles are kept on-hand
in the event a primary vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident. Further, distribution
options are maintained for alternate routes in the case of bad weather. Ensuring the employees
can work, data is available, and the equipment is functioning is the core of the contingency plan.
Therefore, these elements directly compare to those of the strategic business continuity plan.

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