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MGT449 Wk 1 DQ 1




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Q What is poor quality? What are some effects of poor quality? How do the effects of poor
quality affect an organization?
Ans: When quality of something is unable to satisfy the desires of a customer then it tends to
have a poor quality. Basically quality is the set standards for a product or a service or it can also
be defined as the performance desired from the product or a service. When the product or a
service is not able to meet these standards or show this performance then they are believed to
have poor quality. The customers when opting for any product/service are always looking for the
quality as quality is a part of every product/service. Like healthy and delicious food has the good
taste and the health aspect, which are the qualities of this food product but, if they are not in
accordance to what a customer is seeking for then they’ll be considered as poor quality. The
quality is related to the attributes, features, excellence and the value of a product. The poor
quality can also be said as the difference between the desired value or excellence and the actual
value. The greater the difference more poor will be the quality. Because of this poor quality the
customer will never buy the product or service again which will definitely result in reduced sales,
profits and revenues finally turning it into a failure.

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