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MGT449 Wk 1 Total Quality Pioneers Paper




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Total Quality Pioneers Paper
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Total Quality Pioneers Paper
Joseph M. Juran is considered to be one of the pioneers of total quality. According
to Goetsch (2010) the human aspect was included in quality management by Juran thus
converting it into Total Quality Management. He was renowned for the concepts of
quality improvement along with the Pareto principle and the Juran Trilogy. He also
applied the economic principle to quality and management.
The development of quality through training, research and consulting activities in
Japan is one of the major achievements of Juran. He also made efforts to encourage the
relationship between United States and Japan. According to Goetsch (2010) Juran found
out the elements required for quality improvement and these elements consist of research,
consultation and training. With the help of these elements the organizations are able to
locate the problem, find out their reasons to occur and then provide the ways to solve
them. These elements also provide the aspect of control to ensure that the quality is
maintained and improved. It was his suggestion to the organizations to concentrate
mainly on the efforts required for improvement and to recognize and solve various
problems that may occur.
As per Goetsch (2010) Juran emphasized on the fact that an organization must be
well aware and well informed about the needs and requirements of their customers and
then provide them with the quality of the product/service which must meet these needs
and requirements. Quality is the key element to success for all the organizations. Today’s
customer is very well aware of what quality is and has a number of alternatives to choose
from. Therefore unless and until efforts are not made to improve the quality the
organizations will not be able to meet the customers’ requirements and simultaneously

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will not be able to compete. In order to succeed and grow in todays over competitive
world organizations need to be more dedicated, focused and committed towards the total
quality. They must adopt all the measures and derive such strategies which do not only
help to maintain the quality rather must pave a path for its improvement.

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