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MGT449 Wk 2 DQ 3




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Q What are some ways that companies measure customer satisfaction? How does your company
measure success? Does your company use customer feedback when creating an action plan?
Ans: One of the major goals for every organization besides the revenue generation is achieving
customer satisfaction. In fact the revenues are also generated when the customers are satisfied
and they tend to opt for the product/ service of the organization more and more. A customer is a
one who may not express his dislike in a prominent manner rather he’ll quietly switch towards
the alternative. If a customer is satisfied he’ll definitely spread a positive word of mouth and vice
versa. Different companies adopt different methods to find out whether their customers are
satisfied or not. The information could be gathered through surveys, by monitoring the sales and
getting the feedback by any other method. A very effective method of getting the feedback from
the customers is adopted by Wal-Mart where they tend to directly talk to the customers present in
the store while shopping and information regarding the products that is their quality and prices
and about the services that is its speed and friendly behavior could be found out directly from the
I am working right now with a restaurant and we ensure customer satisfaction through
delivering quality in our food and services. The daily turnover and a long queue outside the
restaurant does show that we are successful in satisfying our customers but this all is not that
easy. We have adopted certain measures to get the feedback from our customers. When anyone
dines in our restaurant at the end of the meal we present them with a form having few questions
in regard to get their feedback. Secondly we also at times visit the tables and make it sure that the
customers are receiving what they are paying for. We are well-known for our hospitality. In order
to meet customer satisfaction we offer various deals to suit different people in regard to their

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tastes and purchasing power. We also have a membership scheme for our regular customers
which offer discounts and extra luxuries like free desert at the end.

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