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MGT449 Wk 3 DQ 3.


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Q What are two or three quality management tools used in data collection? What types of
quality management tools do you utilize to make personal or business decisions? How do you
use these tools in the decision-making process?
Ans: Different management tools in data collection are histograms, Pareto Charts and Cause and
Effect Diagrams. These tools are used to ensure that quality is provided and maintained in an
organization. It helps people actually visualize the situation. Working in accordance to this tool is
easy as it is without statistics and do not involve the too much technicalities therefore it is easy to
understand it and make it. By using these diagrams we can judge out that which decision will be
feasible to take and which needs to be concentrated more on. Because of its benefits it is very
frequently used in our organization. It basically gives an idea of the results and help in
determining that they are appropriate or not. In our business we use Cause and Effect Diagram
which gives us the on the basis of advantages against the disadvantages. One can get the actual
and full picture of everything without using any statistics.

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