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MGT449 Wk 5 DQ 4




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Q How does a formalized quality program create a competitive advantage for an organization?
How would you recommend an organization overcome resistance to change when implementing
such a plan?
Ans: A formalized quality program is well-planned, well-defined and well-organized and it has
been formed after too much concentration and efforts. Usually it is near to perfect and there is
little space for improvement. It provides a competitive edge as it ensures to get the higher quality
level than the competitors. It gives the product a strong and unique standing which might be
lacking in the competitors product. A formalized plan is easy to follow so the management can
pass it on to the employees but then again the aspect of monitoring cannot be ignored.
Change or alteration is usually not accepted very easily. In fact majority of the people tend to
resist change and need time and assurance to adopt it. It is always better to inform everyone
regarding the change in advance. The more the people are convinced that the change is for
betterment the hopes to accept will be high. Instead of imposing a change it is always better to
make everyone a part of it when the employees will feel that they are a part of it and have some
control on it they’ll accept it graciously.

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