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MGT 445 Week 4 DQ 1




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Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis
University of Phoenix
August 1, 2011

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Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis
Negotiations are important in personal as well as professional life as negotiation helps
sorting out the issues that may trigger any major conflict. Negotiations are of different type
according to the different strategies used according to the matter under consideration. These
studies assess two articles using different forms of negotiation strategies and further analyze the
implemented strategies kept in view.
The art of getting the best deal
As in the first article, one selects “The art of getting the best deal” written by James
Sebenius and David Lax. In this article the subject to explore is the significance of developing
for an effective negotiation and outlining the methods to achieve the specific goal. To do this
successfully, a person should plan the complete set of involved people, review the complete set
of a person and his or her interests, evaluate each side's no-deal choices, and resolve the shared
dilemma of creating an agreement for everyone that is better no-deal choices (J. Sebenius and D.
Lax, 2000).
The first portion of the developing procedure includes the prioritize interests and their
ranking. The parties involved in the negotiation should specify their goals. One more significant
factor involves assessing the opponent’s priorities; means to know what viewpoint is of the other
side and what techniques they may use to bargain the issue.
This article also strains negotiators should cautiously plan accurate investigation. The
author describes the negotiator should follow some important steps; the first step is to illustrate a
deal chart and the second step is to know the interests, as the author says negotiations normally
deal with tangible aspects such as cost, timing, and conditions (J. Sebenius and D. Lax, 2000).

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The third step is to obtain the best substitute to negotiated contract (BATNA). As the
authors, Sebenius and Lax, state the BATNA may entail whatever from turning away, to moving
to another dealer (J. Sebenius and D. Lax, 2000). The last step highlighted by the author is to
resolve the mutual issues by keeping in mind both the parties share a mutual problem. According
to the author, contract or deal helps in resolving conflicts and for effective negotiation.
Negotiation: the right set-up makes a deal
The second article selected by the author to analyze is “Negotiation: the right set-up
makes a deal” by David Lax and James Sebenius. This specific article highlights six important
fundamentals that both D. Lax and J. Sebenius noted. The authors are of the view that
relationship, risk, and value are most essential for negotiation.
According to the author the most significant elements are, first, to comprise the
uppermost value players. Normally, a business in this position would continue arguing for an
upper assessment and filter negotiating methods with each potential customer (J. Sebenius and
D. Lax, 2004).
The authors believe giving foremost value to the product will help enhancing competition
that will lead toward greater prospective for income. The authors describe once the product is
distinguished from others it will boost the value for instance packaging or color. The second
point the authors stress includes prospective powerful players by discerning the factors
influencing the target.
According to the third point the negotiator can move away from the deal if developing
some differences and let the other party know that he or she is not further into the negotiation.
The fourth point is to comprise the accurate agent by overview his or her knowledge and skills.

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