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MGT 437 Week 2 Individual Assignment - Achieving Project Goals Simulation_




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Project Proposal - 1 -
Project Proposal Paper
Background and Statement of Need:
Our team has decided to conduct a joint meeting concerning the merger of two
organizations to solicit ideas from the new staff and retained staff for a seamless

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Project Proposal - 2 -
transition. Currently the organization in question is struggling to cover their budgeted
costs because of the recent increases in demand, declines in accounts receivable, changes
in healthcare, and the overall cost of keeping a thriving business afloat in troubled
economic times. The current organization is a hospital and health care is experiencing
rough times in this economic situation. A private owner is buying their way in, to aid in
this financial distress and along with the money they are bringing new staff.
The project team will gather information to begin planning the joint meeting. It is
important to consider all variables to have a successful outcome. The organization will
benefit from such a meeting in that everyone involved will be equally of all aspects of the
merger. The team considers communication to be a key component especially in a
merger situation. Finding a central location will ease costs, tension, anticipation, and
help to promote the productivity of both organizations coming together to make one.
Project Stakeholders:
In every project there is a stakeholder. A stakeholder can be individuals or
organizations who are either favorably or unfavorably affected by a project and its
outcome. For the sake of this merger the stakeholders would be the owners, all
employees including management and any union personnel, customers/patients,
suppliers, local, state and federal governments, the public, all shareholders, creditors, and
financial institutions (Kerzner, 2006). Every organization, whether privately owned or
corporate, has stakeholders as everyone involved falls within the definition of one.
With concern to the meeting being conducted our team must answer to senior
management to be careful that no portion is overlooked. In order for the meeting to be
productive for the merger, paying attention to detail will ensure the team that senior

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Project Proposal - 3 -
management will be pleased with the outcome. The location, time, agenda, refreshments,
travel arrangements for keynote speakers and upper management personnel, along with
accommodations for those individuals are key factors that need to be determined. The
development of a survey for all individuals involved and the content of what is to be
communicated will be taken into consideration in the planning stages of the meeting. The
purpose of the meeting will convey to both organizations how valued every stakeholder is
in a merger.
Project Goals:
A project ending in success depends on the quality and timeliness of all the
deliverables. The primary task of this project is to understand the organization’s goals,
and they need to be determined when deciding on why the project is being done. The
goals of this merger meeting are to make sure everyone in the new and current
organization is satisfied and willing to work together. As stated previously the hospital
has fallen onto a financial hardship and this merger is supposed to help. A main goal is to
stay within the project budget while satisfying all of the needs. Some of the needs are
staying within budget with little or no contingency while arranging for meeting location,
travel plans, introductions of new employees to current employees, and having the ability
to effectively express that everyone in the organization is working toward the same goal.
Staying within the budget and completing all tasks within a timely fashion is very
important. Making sure that all of the project plans are met accordingly is another
important goal. The success of this project will be dependent on the planning and the
way the plans are being carried out. Satisfying all the stakeholders will not only help the
organization but also the employees and patients.

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