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MGT 437 Week 5 Individual Assignment - Performance Measurement Paper




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Performance Measurements
University of Phoenix

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Performance Measurements
Performance measurement tools have been used by many organizations or
companies these days as one of their strategies in achieving success. Specifically, this
tool is useful for detailed evaluation of the production process of one company, provide
extensive guidance for the decision making process, and assess the performance of the
company departments and individual employees.
In general, measurement tools are created to give the company an easier access to
a feedback system regarding its consistency in achieving their goals, and to provide them
with options on how they can improve their current process. Basically, it gives companies
a preview of how they are currently performing and where they might be heading.
Another benefit of having a performance system is being able to better motivate
the employees to do better with their jobs. However, such tool also has its consequences
and the company should also be ready for it. Managers can easily monitor how their
employees are doing by having a performance measurement tool. And one way for them
to make their work performance consistent is by having a reward system. With this
employees will really work harder with the hopes of attaining the reward. There have
been many records and surveys that testified to the positive impacts of performance
measurement tools to the employee work performance. In the US Municipalities, 9.6% of
the respondents found the tool substantial, and 33.3% find it moderate. Moreover, these
results are supported by the same survey conducted in other US counties, which gathered
31.5% of the respondents agreed to the accurate effectiveness of the performance
measurement tool. In terms of its impact on employee motivation, 32-68% of the
respondents agreed to its effectiveness. All these records only suggest that there are many

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organizational aspects that the performance measurement tool can improve.
Below are some of the major points to consider to ensure that a company has a
good performance measurement system are:
The results should be kept clear and brief.
A company has polished both its internal and external communication
Employees and other stakeholders should know about the performance
measurement tool.
The manager should be able to establish a proper implementation of the
performance measurement tool.
Whatever results gained from performance measurement should be
reflected with the employees’ salary, incentives, and recognition.
Organizations have many ways of reflecting the results of the performance
measurement results by giving them either monetary rewards, or additional off days. It is
also ethical for an employee to receive a feedback directly from his or her supervisor,
whether it is a positive or negative feedback.
One of the most popularly used performance measurement tool is the dashboard.
The most important information about the company can be found in the dashboard, such
as the target and performance data reports, which can be printed out through a
spreadsheet on a regular basis. This makes it easier for managers to access whatever
information they need, instead of constantly waiting for someone else to give it to them.
Information such as performance of the employees, organizational productivity, custom
orders, and order fulfillment are some of the necessary information for managers. From
this accessible information, the managers can readily make decisions for the company or

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