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MGT 437 Week 5 Team Assignment - Project Implementation, Control, and Termination Paper




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Running head: FINAL PROJECT PLAN 1
Final Parking Garage Project Plan
University of Phoenix
Patricia Dues
April 19, 2010

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Parking Garage Project Proposal
Giving the government due credit is a rare and unpleasant act, but modern day
project management is a product of the United States government (Meredith & Mantel, 2006).
Improving efficiency over a typical functional structure, project management gives management
the freedom to delegate work to the project manager while maintaining focus on every day
operations. The purpose of this paper is to propose a parking structure by describing the need for
the project, identifying stakeholders, defining goals, establishing a time and budget, listing
performance criteria, and developing a Statement of Work (SOW).
Background and Statement of Need
A downtown, professional building, owned by a real estate firm, houses several
offices for lawyers, a dentist, and other private businesses. However, congestion in the
downtown area is becoming a problem. A parking lot exists next to the professional building and
owned by the same real estate firm, but the parking lot fills quickly and its size is not adequate
for the number of people visiting the professional building daily.
Although the downtown is a desirable location, parking has become such a problem that
many businesses in the professional building are experiencing a decline in new clients, and
frustration from existing clients is mounting. Constructing a parking structure in the parking lot
next to the building will increase the lot’s holding capacity. The addition of a parking structure in
a high traffic area of downtown will help to reduce the congestion experienced by business
owners and clients alike. Restoring order to an overcrowded downtown will increase consumer
confidence by encouraging new clients to conduct business with the various firms that reside in
the downtown professional building.

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Project Stakeholders
The main stakeholder in the garage project is the customer. The customer owns the
property and has made the decision to build a garage on this site. The customer will be kept
apprised of the progress and milestones of the project. Not the customer using the garage, but the
customer commissioning the garage to be built – correct?
Additional stakeholders in the project are the funders and the sponsors. The funders too
will need to be kept apprised project. The city government will be heavily involved in the garage
the project manager will need to acquire permits for the various activities such as pouring
concrete, adding electricity for lights, installing water for a sprinkling system. The electric and
water city works companies are stakeholders. A survey should be performed to determine the
boundaries of the property and whether or not easements are existent. An architect will draw up
the plans for the garage using blueprints. Additionally, the labor involved will be concrete
workers, electricians, city plumbers. The labor force may each be in a different labor union and
have different requirements for insurance and wages. The supply chain for concrete materials,
electrical supplies, fencing, and water piping are to be considered stakeholders also. Finally
included in the list of stakeholders are the inspectors who will inspect the project along the
various milestones.
Defining Goals
Concerning project goals in relation to triple constraint, projects can be broken down into
three categories or factors: time, cost, and scope. When time, cost, and scope is clear as well as
precise, the project manager is put to use to facilitate within the values of the aforementioned
factors. Changes to the scope, time, and cost are inevitable, unforeseen events occur, risk
transpires, and the project manager must work diligently to minimize these unexpected

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