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HR Roles and Responsibilities
HR Roles and Responsibilities
MGT 431 Human Resources Management

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HR Roles and Responsibilities
HR Roles and Responsibilities
The human resource department plays a key role in the success of
organizations all over the world. The responsibilities of HR are many and include
analyzing work and designing jobs, attracting potential employees, choosing employees,
teaching employees how to perform the job and preparing them for the future with
training and development. HR is also responsible for creating and communicating benefit
packages for employees and creating a positive work environment. Look at it this way,
without employees there would be no organization, without HR there wouldn’t be any
employees. “At companies with effective HRM, employees and customers tend to be
more satisfied, and the companies tend to be more innovative, have greater productivity,
and develop a more favorable reputation in the community (Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe, &
Wright, 2007).” Although HR has an effective plan and strategy in aiding organizations
with success, they must not be stagnant to the ever changing world and economy. HR
must consider globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics when creating a
new identity to better affect organizations. “Market competition is multiplying and
getting fiercer day by day. In today's business environs, the only way to survive and
prosper is to adjust to this reality as fast as possible (Need to Transform, 2007).”
Globalization and Technology
One of the many obstacles HR must overcome is globalization. With
advanced technology and the growing of international businesses HR must provide
services to accommodate organizations. “During the summer of 2006, over 26,000
international staff from one hundred countries worked in camps across the United States.

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HR Roles and Responsibilities
Their positions included counselors, program staff, administrators, cooks, housekeepers,
maintenance staff, and others (Kosch, 2007).” The jobs vary as great as the locations and
HR must provide jobs, employees, training, and other services internationally to enable
an organization to go global. Technology enables organizations to reach new heights and
financial goals. HR can use this technology as well to adapt to rising numbers of
international businesses. Technology enables HR to offer new recruiting methods and
communication between prospective employees and organizations. With the
responsibilities of measuring employees work performance and generating feedback,
technology offers convenience and new methods to HR departments.
“Technology may contribute to performance management and thus to
appraisal satisfaction in two primary ways. First, technology may facilitate
measuring an individual’s performance via computer monitoring activities.
A second approach to technology and performance management changes
the emphasis so that technology becomes a tool to facilitate the process of
writing reviews or generating performance feedback (Indian Express
Newspaper, 2001).”
The workplace has changed greatly throughout history and is expected to
continue to progress as time goes by. As society changes, the workforce reflects these
changes. In the past the workforce was strongly dominated by male Caucasians.
However, that hasn’t been the case for some time. In the present day workplace
employees consists of men, women, people of all ages, and from all ethnic backgrounds
and religions. “The fact that laws were passed to remove barriers for minority groups to

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