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MGT 431 Staffing Plan Paper Week 2 Individual Assignment




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Staffing Plan for Farm Bureau Insurance Company
Staffing Plan for Farm Bureau Insurance Company
MGT 431 Human Resources Management

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Staffing Plan for Farm Bureau Insurance Company
Staffing is one of the most important processes that a company does to reach
maximum success. Each organization is different and will have unique ways of staffing
the company. Farm Bureau Insurance staffs each district claims office according to their
number of counties and claims handled per year. The district claims office in Stillwater
requires a unique number of individuals including adjustors, secretaries, and a single
manager to lead the team. With an effective staffing plan manpower is put where it is
needed and tasks are completed with quality customer service. Farm Bureau Insurance
uses accurate geographical calculation and previous numbers to have an organized and
efficient staffing plan. “Informed decisions about jobs take place in the context of the
organization’s overall work flow. Through the process of work flow design, managers
analyze the tasks needed to produce a product or service. With this information, they
assign these tasks to specific jobs and positions (Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe, & Wright,
2007).” With creating a staffing plan for the Stillwater office legal compliance is at the
top of the list. Without following the rules of the land the staffing plan will be useless and
accompanied with a waste of time, money, and resources.
Functional Areas and Number of People
The first step in the staffing plan is to determine which areas need to be filled and
by how many people. Farm Bureau Insurance views staffing as part of the overall
corporate strategy and understands the importance of an effective plan. “When it’s treated
as an integrated part of corporate strategy, staffing helps build world class organizations
with the ability to achieve superior performance (, 2010).” Farm Bureau

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Staffing Plan for Farm Bureau Insurance Company
Insurance has multiple functional areas within the organization. Within the Stillwater
branch claims adjustors are needed to view property damaged, write estimates,
investigate claims, and pay customers all while providing quality customer service.
Secretaries are needed to aid the adjustors and direct customers to the appropriate claims
handler. Secretaries play an important role for the team and customers by answering
questions and completing much needed paper work. A district claims manager is another
vital part of the team providing leadership. The manager is responsible for distributing
responsibility to the team, answering complicated questions, and making sure the office is
running smoothly. The Stillwater district claims office requires eight claims adjustors,
four secretaries, and one district claims manager. These numbers are calculated by the
number of counties in Stillwater and how many claims were handled the past year. These
calculations provide an accurate and effective plan for staffing the Stillwater Farm
Bureau district office.
Recruitment Strategies
Farm Bureau Insurance has multiple ways of recruiting the right employees to
staff their organization. One way they recruit individuals is to post a detailed description
of the job opening in local newspapers. “To encourage more people to respond to your
advertisements for open positions, provide as much detail as possible about financial
incentives and benefits. Although you might not want to state the salary range outright,
you can let applicants know how the salaries offered at your facility rank compared to
other areas or comparable institutions (American Society of Radiologic Technologies,
2010).” Another recruiting strategy Farm Bureau Insurance uses is simple word of mouth.
Within the insurance organization acquaintances can easily turn into employment

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