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MGT 431 Trends and Challenges Paper WEEK 5 TEAM PAPER




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Trends and Challenges Paper
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MGT 431

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Trends and Challenges Paper
In the world of business the use of performance management systems or annual
performance appraisals is one that is viewed differently by each organization and management
team. Although these two methods have some of the same characteristics, they also contrast in
many ways. Performance appraisals can be an effective tool for organizations but along with
many business techniques can be problematic. Another important method that should be
practiced by organizations is the management of turnover rates. A swinging door of employees
leaving and entering can quickly become a costly routine for an organization.
In this, the organization must make sure the employee is respected, treated fairly, and
given an opportunity to speak his or her concerns. In a business world with labor laws employers
have more competition of safe and friendly work environments. Safety and health management
must be made a priority in all organizations. Safety and health regulations are put in place by
laws and it is management’s job to ensure they are understood and followed regularly. These are
just some of the responsibilities and challenges of management and will continue to change.
Management should take steps to prepare for certain future challenges that may arise.
Management system versus annual performance appraisals
Performance management systems and annual performance appraisals are two
controversial topics in management and organizations. Although the two share some of the same
qualities, they are not the same. The question of their effectiveness is what employees challenge
the most. While the organization and management purpose may be to achieve the company’s
mission and goals. Employees have another perspective, unfair, and unrealistic. According to the
Human Resource website, “performance management is the process of creating a work

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environment or setting in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities”
(Heathfield, 2010, p. 1). Performance management systems exemplify three phases: (a) setting
expectations for employee performance, (b) maintaining a dialogue between supervisor and
employee to keep performance on track, and (c) measuring actual performance relative to
performance expectations.
“Annual performance appraisals are individual measuring tools designed to help
supervisors increase productivity, communicate expectations, establish goals for the coming year,
and report the employee's success in meeting the past year's performance expectations”
(Heathfield, 2010, p. 1). Performance reviews/appraisals are scheduled annually and often
coincide with the employee's date of the hire.
Supervisors and employees both experience negative feelings prior to the review because
the confrontation is not always positive. However, if the two parties can remain objective, open,
honest, and listen, a fair agreement can be reached. Exercising these keys will enhance the goals
and objectives of the organization as well as recognize the strengths of their employees.
Organizations use performance appraisals for various reasons. Some of the reasons are to
praise an employee for his or her work, advising and employee of what is expected on a day-to-
day basis, to improve performance, or for the organization as a rating tool. These areas are
effective for the employee because it alerts the employee to what the organization and the
manager expects from the employee’s work product. In addition, it advises the employee of
what areas the employee can improve to meet individual and organizational objectives.

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