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MGT 350 Final Exam 5




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1) Decision opportunities arise when problems or opportunities are recognized through
critical thinking. Which of the following components may be a reason that managers
ignore problems?
A. A lack of intellectual empathy makes it difficult to recognize stakeholder
considerations .
B. The manager’s sense of urgency toward problems precludes action.
C. The manager prefers risk over certainty.
D. Some businesses exist in a problem free environment.
E. The manager is exercising intellectual courage in the face of resistance to problem
2) Bill Simmons is the manager of a small restaurant and must decide how much money he
owes his suppliers. The best way for Bill to approach this as a critical thinker is to
A. collect and analyze the evidence
B. identify opportunities and obstacles
C. understand different perspectives on the
D. weigh the consequences of this decision
3) Decision tools and techniques influence the use of critical thinking in decision making.
According to the decision steps model, what is a proper response when an unstructured
problem is presented?
A. Implement a decision
B. Measure the impact of a
C. Frame the problem
D. Frame alternatives
E. Make the decision

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4) When faced with a decision opportunity, a critical thinker must sort through a variety of
readily apparent symptoms in order to focus on important considerations that may be
hidden. Based on the decision steps model, when framing a problem a helpful step is to
A. determine root causes
B. identify the problem
C. frame alternatives
D. develop a contingency
E. measure the decision
5) Jane has a term paper due, a sick child who needs her attention, and a major project
due at work. To save time, she decides to submit a paper for school that is less than her
best, but will earn a passing grade. The best description of Jane’s approach is
A. optimizi
B. satisfici
C. creativit
D. analyzin
6) Despite all the measures followed, successful decisions are not always guaranteed so it
is important to
A. develop appropriate measurements for the impacts of decisions
B. accept that some decisions will not work and move on to other
C. develop contingency plans
D. only allow the most senior leaders to influence decisions
E. use logical thinking to guarantee a correct outcome

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7) Tactics for increasing the diversity of opinion brought to bear on a decision include
A. brainstorming
B. following the chain of
C. reliance on precedent
D. an autocratic decision
E. reference to the policy
8) Critical thought involves the consideration of diverse perspectives. Advantages of this
A. quicker decisions for urgent problems
B. decisions that are more narrowly focused
C. the leader maintains tighter control over decisions
D. a decision that accounts for the interests of multiple
E. greater security over confidential information
9) Critical thought involves the consideration of diverse perspectives. Disadvantages of
group decision making include
A. increased security of confidential information
B. all of the above are disadvantages of group decision making
C. a process that is more time consuming
D. a decision that accounts for the interests of diverse
E. a more autocratic environment
10) Considerations when framing a problem include

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