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1. Superrealism is also known as
A. forced perspective.
B. illusionism.
C. trompe l'oeil.
D. photorealism.
2. The vigorous brushstrokes and emotion-laden imagery in the paintings of
Anselm Kiefer are reminiscent
of the paintings of
A. Superrealism.
B. Expressionism.
C. Neoclassicism.
D. Realism.
3. During the 1940s and 1950s, the center of Western art was
A. Munich.
B. Paris.
C. New York City.

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D. Arles.
4. The organization SITE, Sculpture in the Environment, was formed in 1970 for
the purpose of
A. promoting the acceptance of kinetic sculpture.
B. 2nding sources of content in the present.
C. reviving the iconography of the nineteenth century.
D. creating an art-for-art architectural movement.
5. Which of the following artists painted using a technique similar to that used
by Jackson Pollock?
A. Helen Frankenthaler
B. Piet Mondrian
C. Georgia O'Kee:e
D. Girogio di Chirico
6. Which of the following political leaders closed the Bauhaus?
A. Winston Churchill
B. Joseph Kennedy

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C. Adolph Hitler
D. Franklin Roosevelt
7. Which of the following artists created The Dinner Party?
A. Andy Warhol
B. Salvadore Da
C. Pablo Picasso
D. Judy Chicago
8. The _______ movement began in Holland just before World War II.
A. De Stijl
B. Color-Field Painting
C. Abstract Expressionist
D. straight photography
9. Of the following, who was the most famous pop artist?
A. Andy Warhol

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