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International business Dealing Strategies 100 - 150 Words Paragraph






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Internaonal business Dealing Strategies
As the interested business group is from India, Dalman and Lei should keep in mind following
important points related to culture and business pracces before meeng.
Though the ocial language of Pakistan is Urdu but almost the professional companies have well
educated people who know the English language very well. Dalman and Lei should keep in mind that
there are huge di$erences in communicaon between people from one country to another, like
people belonging to some cultures are loud, direct or even blunt and tend to interrupt others during
a conversaon. In others, people are typically so%-spoken, use 'owery or indirect language and wait
paently for others to (nish their sentence. They should care when addressing and greeng business
partners to use last names and tles. They should keep an eye on hierarchies as it has a great
in'uence on the communicaon style in new surroundings. They always should be on me as it has
great importance for business dealings. Regardless of cultural di$erences, being appropriate dressing
and arriving at business meeng well-prepared both have an excellent impression in success for
internaonal business. They should reach two days in advance to give their body enough me to
adjust, and it also help to adjust their watch to new me, as the Indian me has almost 10 hours
di$erence from GMT.

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