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ACC 205 Week 2 DQ Accounting Cycle




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ACC 205 Week 2 DQ
Accounting Cycle

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Accounting Cycle
Financial statements are a product of the accounting cycle. Think about two different
companies, one a manufacturing company, the other a retail company. Why would different
companies have different accounting cycles? Would you expect the steps of the accounting
cycle to be the same for each company? Why or why not?
The Accounting Cycle
Accounting Cycle Description Paper
The payroll processing cycle is very time consuming and tedious when
done manually. Therefore, the ‘Mom and Pop’s Grocery Store’ has
elected to integrate its payroll with a computer software program. With
this implementation the payroll process will be more efficient and
effective. This paper will explain how the payroll processing cycle for
‘Mom and Pop’s Grocery Store’ integrates onto an enterprise-wide
accounting information system. An enterprise-wide accounting
information system “focuses on the business process of the organization
as a whole” (Bagranoff, Simkin, & Stand, 2008, p. 7).
Business process reengineering (BPR) is a total re-design of processes
used by an organization that are no longer effective or efficient
(Braganoff et al, 2008, p. 163). The ‘Mom and Pops Grocery Store’ will
use BPR to update the old payroll process to the new enterprise-wide
AIS system.
The Accounting Information System (ASI) is a system that is put in place
for a company to maintain its accounting system. The input devices
commonly associated with AIS systems include: “standard personal
computers or workstations running applications; scanning devices for

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