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ACC 205 Week 4 DQ Client Recommendations






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ACC 205 Week 4 DQ
Client Recommendations

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Client Recommendation
Human Service Managers work with a variety of people with a variety of
issues and problems. It is the job of the Human Service Manager to
assist their clinicians if for some reason they are lacking the experience
to deal with their clients. In this paper, we will be dealing with three
different scenarios and it is the job of the Human Service Manager to
help modify these situations for renovation. The approaches that will be
utilized in the handling of these situations are reinforce, refer, and
release. Reinforce is the first. This approach is used if and when a
clinician is not secure enough in their ability in this particular area of their
job. The clinician may only have to or need to go over example cases or
they may require a mentor to help by giving them a broader view on this
particular situation. Mentors are good in providing coaching and
monitoring a clinician while also giving the clinician poise and assurance
that is necessary to help the client. Refer is the next approach. The
clinician may need to be referred for personal therapy by the human
service manager. Personal therapy can and will help the clinician help
the client throughout the clinician’s career in this field. The last approach
is release and is considered to be the hardest. Release is when the
human service manager has no choice but to let the clinician go. This
could be a result of abuse of company policy, illegal activities, lack of
improvement or after all other approaches have been executed.
Scenario One: Tom Martin
Tom Martin has been an employee of the agency for four years. Tom is
an individual counselor for adult clients. During his four year employment
with this agency, he has demonstrated mediocre counseling record.
There have been a few questionable cancellations from four female
clients. There were no reasons given for these cancellations and
although they may have canceled for any number of reasons, this
concerns the agency and does not sit well with them. A female client has
recently informed a supervisor of misconduct on Mr. Martin’s behalf. The

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client reported that Mr. Martin has made remarks that have made her,
the client uncomfortable. It was also brought to our attention that Mr.
Martin has purchased this particular client with gifts and has had an out
of office date. The female client also mentioned that Mr. Martin offered to
help her regain custody of her children by doctoring her treatment report.
Our agency has no tolerance for such activities with any of the clients.
The female client has not made a formal complaint at this juncture in
time but our agency will investigate this matter immediately. Mr. Martin
will be interviewed. The agency feels that it is important that we present
all findings to Mr. Martin in order to get him to recognize his
unprofessional actions (Reamer, 2001). Mr. Martin has admitted having
attraction to this particular female client and that he has purchased her
gifts. It is common that when counseling a client on personal issues, a
feeling of intimacy develops therefore, it is of vital importance to reiterate
the client/clinician boundaries (Columbia University Press, 2001). As a
professional, there is a way to handle this situation when it arises. Once
Mr. Martin realized there was an attraction to this client, his next step
should have been to get in touch with his supervisor to discuss it. The
supervisor can then take the appropriate steps. The issue of doctoring
files to show favor to the client is the next issue that needs to be
addressed as this is a violation of the law and a violation of ethics. We
will discuss the agency’s concerns and the evidence we have even
though Mr. Martin denies the allegations.
After presenting all of the agency’s concerns, risks, facts and evidence
to Mr. Martin, the agency will begin the process of releasing him. The
process will be documented.
Scenario Two: Reinforce
Janice Wellington is an employee of our agency and has been with us
for two years. Ms. Wellington is a child and family counselor and has
shown good therapeutic skills with her clients. Records indicate that she
is liked by her clients but her client logs leave something to be desired.
The client logs received in the past have not been completed all the way
nor submitted in a timely manner. The agency has a great deal of pride
in being able to offer the clientele competent and knowledgeable staff
members. Accurate documentation of a client’s secession is prudent so
that accurate referrals of help can be offered to clients. Ms. Wellington
will be required to review the agency’s policy on satisfactory and
sufficient documentation of client secessions. Ms. Wellington has

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