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MGT 330 Week 3 DQ 2




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DQ 2
Im sort of split on this queson. I actually dont see a huge problem in seconializing the producon of
dierent types of paints as long as it is done correctly. I dont know much about paint, but perhaps the
processes and materials involved in developing paint for dierent applicaons varies enough that it
actually makes sense to specialize, and seperate, here. Seperang these processes might promote more
e#cient producon and eliminate waste. Divisionalizing producon may create compeon between
divisions, which is not nessesarily a negave thing. One problem I do see as I consider this more is that a
whole division could become unpro%table if its speci%c market is in a lull. In this case it would be easier
to reorganize and redirect resources if divisionalizaon did not occur.
Having one sales department really isnt much of a problem as long as the sales team is farmilliar with all
of the products, and can facilitate the three types of customers needs.
The part that makes the least sense and causes confusion is assigning seperate territoies for each
division. Why not share the same regions? Does this mean that a person living in "region a" who needs
household and commercial paints, can only buy one type of paint from our company?

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