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MGT 230 Week 1 Individual Assignment Decision-Making Process Paper




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Individual Paper 1
Individual Paper
MGT/230 - Management Theory and Practice

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Individual Paper 2
Individual Paper
Decision making is a very vital part of life; it is necessary for survival whether the
circumstances are major or minor. People sometimes make good or bad decision based on their
level of judgment. In business there are six stages in the decision making process. The steps in
the decision making process are: identify and diagnose the problem, generate alternative
solutions, evaluate alternatives, make the choice, implement the decision, and evaluate the
decision. I had to make a very difficult decision to drop out of college or work two jobs and
attempt to send myself though school at 19 years old. This decision was not made overnight but I
concluded after many intense thoughts and some going back and forth. During my decision
making process I used all the steps of the decision making process. I may not have used them
correctly or in order but I used each of them at least once during my decision (Bateman & Snell,
First, I had to identify and diagnose the problem. For me the problem was that I was no
longer financially capable of paying my own way through school. I knew that dropping out of
school was not the ideal situation to be in and that I would be disappoint myself as well as others
that looked up to me. I was always the brain in my family so taking a route other than the one
that was expected of me would be hard for them to accept as well. I had enough money saved up
for one more semester so I decided to sign up for classes. I knew that once the semester was over
I could no longer sit around and think about my decision, I had to make one (Bateman & Snell,
After identifying that I had a problem I was at the point in the decision making process
where I had to think about the alternatives. I came up with taking out a student loan, working
fulltime to save money for school or joining the Army. These were all logical decisions and they

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Individual Paper 3
all supported my goal, which was to get a college education. I was running out of time so I had to
evaluate my decisions. I made a list of the pros and cons of all three choices. Taking out a student
loan is a quick fix but long term it would cost me much more than I was willing to pay. I thought
maybe this is not such a good idea. Working fulltime to save up for school was a good idea but I
would be spending way more time not going to school than I anticipated. I did not want to be
caught up in the working world and be so comfortable that I never give myself the opportunity to
finish school. Joining the Army was a great idea because they pay for school and I would be
employed but it means that I was putting my life on the line especially because the country was
at war (Ethics Resource Center, 2009).
I had very little support during this process because my family was against all my options
especially joining the Army. After weighing the pros and cons, I made the choice to join the
Army because it meant that I would have a career and I would have the opportunity to finish
school. I was very nervous about this decision because I hated the outdoors and waking up early.
I knew that I had to sacrifice to achieve my goals so I did. I went to the recruiters office two
weeks before the end of my semester and told them I would like to join the Army. They went
over the benefits and the potential career fields. I told my recruiter that I had two week left in
school and I would like to leave for the Army as soon as possible after that (Bateman & Snell,
I was now in the Army less than a week after my semester ended. It was not what I
expected but I was willing to endure because my goal was on the line. The training process was
extremely difficult but when I got to my first duty station life was becoming normal again. After
being in the Army for five years, I evaluate my decision daily to see if I made the right decision.
I conclude that I did and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome I am still sticking with my

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Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.