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MGT 230 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Internal and External Factors Paper




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Wal-Mart 1
Factors affecting the four functions of management.
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Wal-Mart 2
Wal-Mart, sometimes defined as the giant of retail is one of the largest companies
in the world. It has grown to not only be a staple in America, however in the past few
years growing out internationally, touching base in countries such as Japan and China.
Factors have been considered, the four functions having an effect on the overall goal.
This paper shows just how and where that has happened.

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Wal-Mart 3
Wal-Mart is a place everyone in this country knows about. We rely on it for a one-
stop-shop for all of our needs. Over the years, Wal-Mart has changed the outlook of
Americans in how we shop and what we expect from a retail store for all of our needs.
Through the four functions, Wal-Mart has looked through globalization, technology,
innovation, diversity and ethics to grow itself into what it is now; a worldwide
Wal-Mart Corporation has its managers follow the four functions of management
to an excellent degree of productivity. The company’s planning function has established
methods of interacting with suppliers to provide customers with low prices. Wal-Mart’s
organizing function has charted specific standards so each store has products customers
want, the jobs emphasize customer satisfaction, and all uphold the same principles of
work habits. This company has a consistent way of leading its people to display products
quickly and in abundance so consumers can pay lower prices. The controlling function of
the products availability has also given Wal-Mart’s competitive advantage in maintaining
goods that result in profits.
Wal-Mart has had its successes and failures in the global market. The countries’
with similar business opportunities have shared in the success of operation. In Japan and
China, Wal-Mart has adjusted its business strategies to boost customer appeal (Matusitz
& Forrester, 2009). The success that Wal-Mart has had in Japanese and Chinese markets
is through its ability to meet and cater to local expectations. Wal-Mart has had failure in
countries that have barriers such as government control over the market and government
regulations on big developments (Christopherson, 2007). This illustrates the importance
of the four functions of management when endeavoring to enter a foreign market with

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