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PSEUDOMONAS INTRODUCTION  They are a heterogeneous group of gram –ve rods bacteria that have the in common the inability to ferment lactose  3 imp genera:  P. Aeruginosa  P. Burkholderia  P. Stenotrophomonas P. AERUGINOSA CHARACTERISTICS  Major pathogen in this group  Nonfastidious (doesn’t need complex nutritional requirement); has been observed to grow in distilled water  Motile(by means of a single polar flagellum) gram –ve rod that grows on blood and Mackonkey agars  Found in moist environments, esp. Soil, plants,hospitals flower beds , tap water and countertops  Colonies have a shiny "gun-metal" appearance and a characteristic fruity odor( described as strawberry or raspberry) CHARACTERISTICS CTND  Optimum temperature for growth is 37 degrees  Opportunistic pathogen: experimental and clinical studies suggest that infection occurs concomitantly with host cell compromise (such as in neutropenia, severe burns, or cystic fibrosis), mucosal trauma, physiologic derangement, and antibiotic mediated suppression of normal flora  Majority of infections occur in i.c.u’s where the above mentioned factors converge PATHOGENESIS  Exhibits no competitive advantage over enteric bacteria in the human gut; neither is it a normal inhabitant of the human gastrointestinal tract, despite the host's continuous environmental exposure to the organism.  Produces a large number of putative virulence factors:  Pili = Adhesion to c ...
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