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MGT 230 Week 4 Reflection Summary




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Reflection Summary

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Reflection Summary
Last week the team learned about the organizational structures of management, which
include different types of organizational structures; vertical, horizontal, and the sub-structures
within the horizontal organizational structure. These sub-structures include the functional,
divisional, matrix, and network structures. Both of these structures vertical and horizontal have
advantages and disadvantages for management in business. The horizontal structure uses a
functional organization in which the departments are specialized to specific activities but it cuts
off one department from the next. Next the divisional structure duplicates its functions over
multiple locations, acting as if they were individual companies, but again does not allow for
cross departmental functions. On the other hand, the matrix structure combines the first two
structures, giving each person an assigned department and a project manager, making it difficult
if both managers are not acting as a team. The horizontal structure major advantage is the
structure of it allows the decision-making process to be completed faster. The people affected by
the decision make the decisions. The advantages to using a vertical structure in an organization is
it is decentralized and the use of delegation. A structure with fewer horizontal layers can save an
organization time and money. Delegation allows managers to pass on tasks or responsibilities to
subordinates to complete. The team believes this is a plus because it frees the manager up to
complete more important job duties. When choosing the structure, whether vertical or horizontal
the team believes it would vary depending on both the size and type of business or market the
organization is dealing with. An organization should also evaluate if their organization is using
the correct structure of management. To determine this, the organization should look at what
their organizational goals are and evaluate if they are meeting them as expected. We also

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compared the difference in the vertical and horizontal structures within the decision-making

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