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Week5 discussion quesation no.1

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This course helps me a lot in making my concrete concepts about mathematical theories and their
applications in other fields which I had little knowledge before. Well, starting from week 1 we
have done probability and combinational techniques which are bit easy in the sense that these are
already known to every one because of read at school level. Then moving towards week2 we
come to Boolean algebra which is now a part of modern electronics like microprocessors. We
also cover sets their different types and relationships using Venn diagram. Its connect quiz helps
a lot in practicing our theoretical concepts and you know practice makes math perfect.
As we proceed towards the week 3 algorithm and inductive & recursive techniques further
allows us to make our base strong in mathematics. In early stage it confuses me about difference
between induction and recursion but week discussion question clarify everything. Then moving
towards end, week 4 we came to graph theory, how it is useful not only in mathematics but also
in other fields like electrical engineering i-e how graph theory helps in assembling electrical
components on circuit board. Then trees again their applications in English like parse tree.
This course not only blessed me with good mathematical techniques but also their applications in
practical life. I am looking forward with more skill full work in coming week.

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Great study resource, helped me a lot.