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mat 117 application week 2




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1. Where do you post the Math Lab scores upon completion?
After completing the Math Lab checkpoint or quiz, we should post a screenshot of the
our result in the Assignment section.
2. Name three things you can do to make your discussion replies substantive.
In order to be substantive, a discussion reply should be show all steps and include an
explanation for each step, when solving math problems. Also the discussion reply should
encourage additional discussion through questions to other students. Last but not least, it
should use complete sentences with correct spelling and grammar.
3. What is the word requirement for discussions?
The word requirement for discussion questions is over 100 words for full credit.
Moreover discussion replies should have somewhere between 75 and 100 words in order to be
substantive, but this may not be a must in every situation.
4. Where can you find my post titled “Math Help Websites”?
The post titled “Math Help Websites” can be found in the Course Material section
from our Discussion forum.
5. How many discussions do you need to post each day in order to get full credit for that
day? How many posts do you need each week for full credit?
There should be at least two substantive posts posted in one day in order to meet that
days participation requirement. In order to get full credit for the participation in one week, at
least two substantive posts should be posted on 4 out of the 7 days of one week.

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