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Threat Analysis.




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Running head: THREAT ANALYSIS 1
Threat Analysis

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To be competitive in the modern dynamic business environment organization have to
involve itself in some major activities. This activity includes doing an analysis of its threats
weakness as well as strengths and opportunities. This is what is referred to as SWOT analysis in
the business sector. All this factors affects business involvement in the market. In this paper we
discuss how internal and external threats affect the organizations competitiveness in the modern
market. We discuss some of the common and basic threats that face organizations in the real
world. The paper partially discusses how to identify the threats and deal with them accordingly.
Threats are those factors that are likely to affect the smooth operations of the organization
threats as well as hindering achievement of goals. Before designing a strategic plan, the
management should take time to analyze these hindrances with the aim of putting the right
measures. The threats can originate both from internal through the employees or management or
externally through competitors and customers and the community while others are natural.
Some of the internal threats are malicious activities such as fraud, theft and blackmailing
which are crafted and perpetrated by the insiders. This activities may lead too loss of data and
properties as well as finances. Other internal threats include sabotage; where an employee
facilitates reach of information and uses such information to perform malicious activities either
personally or by use of an external force. For example, a manager can facilitate robbery of the
organizations safe for personal gains.
Other organizations have faced internal vandalism and looting of its assets. This is
facilitated by the individuals who want to make finances from the organization assets. They take
advantage security weaknesses and poor management of property and information. The
destruction or loss of such properties can expose an organization to disasters.

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