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IT 240 Week 4 Assignment TCP_IP Network Troubleshooting




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Appendix E
TCP/IP Network Planning Table
Read questions 80 and 81 on pp. 274-275 of the text. Identify the problems with the TCP/IP network in each scenario and complete the table.
Explain your answer for each of the scenarios.
Scenario Problem Explanation of proposed
Resources needed
I believe one PC has two
different IP addresses and and are on two
different networks and can
only connect to one network at
a time and has an incorrect
default gateway. The default
gateway for
should be
Add a router that will connect
both to one network. Change the
default gateway to
Purchase another router and have an admin access it and
change the settings.
The ring network has a
computer attached to the star
network. The first port of the
router has an ip address that is
incorrect and should be
Add a router to the ring topology
or configure the gateway address
on the NIC cards
Maybe a router with more than three ports. An adm will
need to log into the router and manually configure the
port to reflect the ip address of
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IT 240

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.